"Ike's irregulars"

Given the tension on campus and the threats surrounding the potential of a Hoffman speech, the Student Association formed a security task force consisting of students. Thomas "Tom" McGarity, a Will Rice College junior at the time of these events, was selected by the Student Association to be the head of a security task force. The task force was referred to by Dean Frederick Wierum as “Ike’s Irregulars” as a reference to Harold “Ike” Rhodes, the head of campus security. 

The SA minutes from the Senate meeting on April 7, 1970 read "Mr. Rhodes outlined security procedures; student surveillance was brought up as a method of increasing the number of 'eyes' on watch. Senate decided to ask McGarity to coordinate this effort."

According to McGarity’s recollection, the task force were originally created to provide security at the speaking engagement, but as the crisis began to unravel and unrest and tensions grew, they became a 24 hour patrol group that would use walkie-talkies to communicate while posted in their cars around campus. McGarity would become a key figure in the culminating Allen Center occupation.