Wednesday April 1, 1970

That afternoon, Student Center Board Chairwoman Jerlyn Mardis and Student Association President Robert "Bob" Parks met with Dean of Students Frederick Weirum to discuss his decision. Weirum cited his wariness of the event’s supposed educational benefit, along with the proposed partnership with Space City!

In response, SCB submitted a new proposal without Space City! signed on as a co-sponsor. At 4:30 p.m., Weirum further outlined several conditions that must be met before he would approve the event: 1) the SCB’s sole sponsorship of the event, 2) moderation by a faculty member, 3) no rock concert, and 4) no solicitation of funds.

Friday April 3, 1970

Before 9 a.m. SCB submitted yet another revised proposal to Weirum through Lee Estes, director of public relations, requesting use of Autry Court for the event.

At 11 a.m., faculty interested in the matter visited Weirum to discuss the matter, according to President Vandiver’s papers. Weirum had yet another meeting at 2 p.m. that lasted until 5 p.m. with students, who then were also led to believe that the event could happen as long as the conditions were met. However, Weirum again expressed doubts given the tense circumstances on campus, wondering whether the programming would be for the primary benefit of Rice’s students.

At the end of the day, the SCB submitted an alternate proposal and Weirum reportedly told them he would have a decision by the next day.

Saturday April 4, 1970

Weirum officially refused approval on the second proposal to use a university facility for a speaking engagement open to the general public.

That afternoon the SA hosted an emergency Senate meeting, where the controversy was appealed to the Rice Faculty University Welfare Committee, as was university procedure at the time.