The Board of Trustees interrupts negotiations

Wednesday April 8, 1970

The Student Association Senate formally informed Dean Frederick Weirum of their decision to host Hoffman, requesting the use of a gymnasium facility. SA President Bob Parks met with Wierum to discuss the request; Weirum claimed that he would have a decision later that day, but delayed.

Thursday April 9, 1970

At 2 p.m., Weirum and Vandiver reversed their earlier decision, announcing that they would allow Hoffman’s speaking engagement, provided there would be strict security and the event would be closed to the public. As he had previously claimed he would, Vandiver resigned as acting president, but stayed on at the urging of the Faculty Council.

Four hours later, Weirum called another special Student Association Senate meeting and read a letter from the Board of Trustees, which stated that Hoffman could neither come to campus nor use any university facilities.