The convocation


Student Center Board chairwoman Jerlyn Mardis sits and smokes at the all-student convocation.

Tuesday April 7, 1970

At 8:30 p.m., the Student Association hosted the all-student convocation to discuss the Abbie Hoffman event. Roughly a thousand students filled the Autry Court, waving banners in support of free speech and Hoffman. During the convocation, the Student Association senate voted to continue on with the intention to host Hoffman. Immediately after this vote, acting University President Frank Vandiver announced at the convocation that he was refusing to allow Hoffman’s engagement.


Students sit in the bleachers at the all-student convocation, leaning over the railings to listen to the speakers from the student groups and administration.

Despite this, the SA released a statement reinforcing their commitment to bringing Hoffman to campus, even if it meant that the event would have to occur outside.