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Cover of book from 1970 Campanile featuring Abbie Hoffman illustration

Acting University President Frank Vandiver urges calm during the Abbie Hoffman incident.

food for occupiers.mp3
Paul Hlavinka broadcast on KTRU about bringing in food for the Allen Center occupiers.

wierum speaking on events of the week.mp3
Dean of Students Frederick Wierum broadcasting an update regarding campus climate and his decision to refuse the use of the university's facilities for the Abbie Hoffman event.

mcgarity interview - 2:26:20, 11.50 AM.mp3
Jerlyn Mardis, chairwoman of the Student Center Board, at an open meeting regarding the Abbie Hoffman engagement.

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 1.27.57 AM.png
A student poses with a speech bubble quoting Abbie Hoffman, accompanied by a photo of Willy's statue with the speech bubble "Right on!"

Dean of Students Frederick Weirum's office was the subject of an arson attack in April 1970.

Broken glass is seen on the ground by a shattered glass door on the second floor of the Allen Center during the 1970 occupation.

A hand painted flag that read "Yippie!" hangs outside the Allen Center during the 1970 occupation. A large crowd of students hovers outside the center.

Students brought their guitars and a drum set to the Allen Center occupation of 1970. They play outside the center as other students watch on.
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