Hate Crimes in Montrose

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Hate Crimes in Montrose


List of information or materials regarding hate crimes in Houston.


Haley Kostyshyn, Darcy Mickalow, Maya Hoyer, Gabby Ozoude

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Shante Thompson victim of a hate crime in 2016.
Transgender advocates organized a vigil for Shante Thompson.

Shante Thompson and Willie Sims
Shante Thompson, a 34 year old trans woman and her friend Willie Sims were fatally shot and killed in Midtown, Houston on April 10th, 2016.

Montrose Remembrance Garden
After the Orlando attack, Houston’s LGBT community came together to create an area dedicated to the victims of hate crimes.

Vigil organized in honor of Shante Thompson
Many people gathered in City Hall to remember Shante Thompson, Willie Sims and also honoured the Texas trans people that were lost in the year of 2016.
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