A Streetcar Named Montrose

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A Streetcar Named Montrose


"A Streetcar Named Montrose ... the Musical The Halloween Magic Players, persons of considerable energy, some wit and no scruples whatsoever, have prepared a theatrical benefit for the Bering Community Service Foundation and Body Positive Houston. Previous offerings have included The Sound of Montrose, The Phantom of Montrose and Montrose Boulevard. A good time is always had by all, and the whole thing (the evening includes a reception with the cast, cocktails and silent auction) is for a good cause. Liddy Dole, Hillary Clinton, Elyse Lanier and Blanche DuBois are all spoofed in this musical, and Edward Albee is the honorary chairman for the event. 6:30 p.m. Texas Medical Center Conference Center, 2151 Holcombe, 587-6005. $35." - The Houston Press (1996)

Halloween Magic is a yearly spectacular drag show that occurs before Halloween that was founded in 1988. Halloween Magic’s mission is to raise funds for non-profit organizations that prioritize providing services to individuals who are infects and affected by HIV/AIDS in the Greater Houston Area. They have raised over $1 millon for Houston HIV/AIDS service organizations. The prominent Houston-area event photographer, Dalton Dehart, photographed many of the Halloween Magic shows over the years. Shown are pictures from the 1996 Halloween Magic Show, A Streetcar Named Montrose.


Dalton DeHart





Saturday October 19, 1996


Gulf Coast Archive & Museum of GLBT History [GCAM]


Dalton DeHart



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