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Anita Bryant performing at State Bar of Texas 95th Convention.jpg
Anita Bryant performing at State Bar of Texas 95th Convention, Hyatt Regency Hotel

Houston Pride News Release 1983 - Anita Bryant ONLY.png
Houston Gay Pride Week 1983 News Release Clip on Anita Bryant, part of Background on Gay Pride Week Celebrations

Annise Parker.JPG
Photograph taken of Annise Parker, former Houston Mayor

Plaque commemorating Compton's Cafeteria riot SMALL.jpg
Compton's Cafeteria Riot Commemoration 40th Anniversary Marker, in San Francisco, CA

SMALLER Eagle-club-logos-Poster-Sepia_web.jpg
Poster of a collection of Bar Ads, compiled mostly from TWIT.

Pink Elephant 1981 Ad 81-050881-montrose-voice-pink elephant.jpg
An Advertisement in the Montrose Voice for the Pink Elephant Bar, dated 1981.

Police Accused of - Montrose Star.jpg
Discusses a two-week period of numerous bar raids in the Houston community.

Picture of Rita Wanstrom

Roaring Sixties raid news clipping.jpg
News Clipping about the raid of the Roaring Sixties
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