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Houston Drag Bars


Said by Outsmart to have anchored Houston’s gay community in Montrose, Mary’s was a gay bar in Houston, Texas that opened as Mary’s Naturally in 1970 by Jim “Fanny” Farmer. Before its closing in November 2009, Mary’s contributed a significant amount of money, effort, and fun to the LGBTQ+ community.
During its life, Mary’s was described as “the place to get off.” An unofficial rule of Mary’s was that underwear couldn’t be worn; before the pairs were taken down in the 80’s, newcomers’ underwear were draped on the rafters. Mary’s wasn’t just a place to have fun, though. It also became a place where gay men organized community and political events, and a lot of the profit (including the tips from drag performances and vegetables from the garden out back) was donated to charity.


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