1843            Earlier form of Imperial Sugar Company founded

1861-1865   American Civil War

1863            Emancipation Proclamation issued

1865            Thirteenth Amendment officially ends slavery or indentured servitude, “except as a punishment for crime”

1867           Convict leasing begins in Texas

1880s          Peak of convict leasing

1908            Modern Imperial Sugar founded

1909            Imperial State Prison Farm opened

1910            Resolution to end convict leasing in Texas

1912           Official end of convict leasing in Texas

ca. 1916       Imperial Sugar ends use of convict leasing after state grandfathers the company into the new system

1930            Imperial State Prison Farm renamed Central State Prison Farm

1959            City of Sugar Land incorporated

early 2000s  Texas Slave Descendants’ Society (TSDS) formed

2002            UH Sugar Land campus founded

2005            Newland Communities breaks ground on Telfair

2009            The Houston Museum of Natural Science in Sugar Land opened in the Main Unit of the Central State Prison Farm

2010            Imperial Prison Farm Cemetery nominated to be archeological landmark by

                   Reginald Moore

2011            Central State Prison Farm closed

2013            Reginald Moore lobbies City of Sugar Land concerning bond issue

2017            Reginald Moore lobbies Texas Historical Commission regarding planned construction by Fort Bend ISD in the area near the Imperial Prison Farm Cemetery.  Texas Historical Commission then lobbied for an archaeologist to be present onsite, with a careful ye for possible unmarked prisoner graves.

2018            April construction by Fort Bend ISD uncovered 95 graves in the area. 

2018            In July, forensic reports confirm the bodies were those of African-American males (and one femail) dating from circa 1878-1910. Chains and other artifacts associated with this prison labor system were also discovered. These are believed to be victims of Sugar Land's convict leasing system.