Allen's Landing

Allen's Landing on Buffalo Bayou, 1910

Allen’s Landing, which lies on the banks of Buffalo Bayou at the foot of Main Street in downtown Houston, was the first home of the Houston Yacht Club on the Bayou.

The Yacht Club docked their boats at the city wharves near the Landing, a place bustling with larger boats carrying bricks, cotton and lumber alongside fresh seafood from Galveston Bay.

Allen's Landing as seen from Buffalo Bayou

In later years, the Houston Yacht Club moved east to Galveston Bay. Nonetheless, many members still opted to house their boats on the Buffalo Bayou near Allen’s Landing, the original home of the burgeoning yachting organization. Some of the larger and more exclusive yachts, such as Arthur Burton’s Sebonac, were anchored in the ship channel’s turning basin. Likewise, even though the Houston Yacht Club no longer officially called it home, other members, such as Jerry Mitchell, William P. Hobby, and the Hogg brothers, kept their boats at Harrisburg, in what is now Houston's East End neighborhood. In fact, the Army Corps of Engineers even docked a quartermaster boat at the old clubhouse.

It is quite clear that, although the Yacht Club had formally moved to Galveston Bay, many members still retained unofficial ties to the Club’s formative locales along Buffalo Bayou.